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This program gives you the skills you need to manage processes effectively by aligning your processes to your organization’s strategic goals, designing and implementing process architectures, and establishing process measurement systems.

The Certificate in Process Management participants will learn to identify, map, analyze, measure, improve and optimize the processes that are strategically important to their organization. The certificate will benefit process improvement specialists, customer service managers and supervisors, business analysts, project and process managers.

Upon completion of this certificate program, participants will be able to:

  • Create a graphical representation showing the steps, activities and decisions involved in a process, at three-levels of detail (process maps)
  • Analyze process maps for improvement opportunities
  • Rectify and close quality gaps using root cause analysis
  • Effectively use process tracking tools and flow charts
  • Understand customer requirements and how these needs will be met by the organization
  • Measure and improve the customer experience using Customer Journey Mapping
Excellence Canada recognizes the value in having “champions” in each organization, across all industries and sectors, to acquire the technical knowledge and expertise require to effectively achieve the organizations strategic objectives, engage its employees, and meet the needs of its customers. Certification is achieved by completion of all required modules, successfully completing a reflective assignment and a comprehensive exam.

This is an advanced program designed for individuals responsible for turning optimum strategic decisions into improved performance and results in their organization, or who wish to pursue or advance their career into a corporate continuous improvement at a management or executive level.


To achieve your certification, you must successfully complete, within your official timespan, the published certificate curricula from the year you registered in the certificate program. In some circumstances, certificate requirements may change, resulting in courses no longer being available. In such cases, Course Substitutions may be requested.
The Certificate in Process Management is built on theme-based learning to create a highly engaging experience. You will be equipped with the relevant knowledge needed to deal with complex problems at your organization. You will also gain insight from the expertise and shared experiences of an elite network of peers.

Over the duration of the program, candidates will complete 7 modules that cover the drivers of the Excellence, Innovation and Wellness® Standard.

MGMT101 | PROC201 | PROC 103 | RCA 204 | PRO301 | PROC402 | BP210

Dr. Adam Stoehr
VP Educational Services

Adam Stoehr has overall responsibility for Excellence Canada’s educational services, including the development and deployment of training and certification. He is one of Excellence Canada’s primary facilitators and speakers. He researches and typically speaks about strategy, employee happiness, organizational excellence, customer experience, leadership, process improvement and all forms of quality management.

Adam has delivered talks for more than 25,000 adults and has conducted more than 20 Canada Awards for Excellence award verifications since 2000.

$2,500 for individuals

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Introduction to Process Improvement
Current State Process Mapping
Measuring Key Processes and Establishing Key Performance Indicators
Root Cause Analysis
Desired State Process Mapping
Advanced Process and Data Analysis Tools
Best Practices in Process Management

What our clients are saying…

The Excellence Canada training has provided a practical tool kit and solid platform from which to prompt strategic change with my organization. Marlene Grace

CEP, Sun Life Financial

I really enjoyed the new “webinar” approach to the courses I was able to take.  I learned at my own pace and on my own time.  The information was clear and the material was easy to reference in the books that accompany the coursesion. Antonella Palmieri

CEP, Sun Life Financial

After doing the webinars, I honestly have the feeling that this media is as good as the in class course, meaning that I learned as well by Webinar than being in class. Martin Nadon

CEP, Morneau Shepell

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