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Archmill House Inc.

2017 Silver Recipient
Excellence, Innovation and Wellness®

Based in Ancaster, ON, Archmill House is a family owned company that manufactures architectural millwork, case goods and store fixtures for commercial, institutional and retail markets. Archmill applies Lean Principles, Kaizen, and 5S continuous improvement processes and Quality Assurance standards. It is also a participant in 18 LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications.

Believing that quality begins and ends with each employee, the company’s 87 full-time staff are required to take ownership for their work. Every client is assigned an Archmill team that oversees the total cycle from original shop drawings, through manufacturing and assembly, to delivery and installation. Combining strong management, effective administration, technical knowledge and expertise, Archmill is passionate about the pursuit of excellence and stands by its services with a customer care satisfaction guarantee.

Staff photo at their 2017 New Year’s Dinner and company presentation of goals and vision for the year. Following the presentation and dinner, they finished the afternoon with team games and activities.


Ancaster, ON

87 Employees

Employees enjoying a company meal and activities to kick off the 3rd quarter. Happy Canada Day!

“Excellence Canada provides us a framework around which we coordinate all our improvement initiatives.  The discipline of closing gaps, identifying evidence, and going for silver focuses the energy within the company.  Our people and customers benefit as a result and now a culture of excellence is taking root at Archmill.”

Brad Buchan, Managing Director, Archmill House

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