Written by: Russ Gahan

Given the interesting times we’re living in, you could be forgiven for thinking of adult beverages when you read the subject line. But what I’m referring to is that old adage, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”

Excellence Canada has been leading organizations to a reservoir of Healthy Workplace resources for 30 years, and we know how long it takes to get started on actions that make a difference.

Whether it’s mental health or equity, diversity and inclusion, most leaders have been paying lip service to sustainable change for decades. We have heard about “planning to implement”, “intending to include in next year’s budget”, and “on the agenda for the next strategic plan”. But the truth is, very little has been done before now. As my dear father was fond of pointing out to me and my siblings, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” The corollary that I prefer is, “The road to heaven is paved with good actions.” All of our business intelligence sources indicate that the conditions have never been better nor has senior leadership ever been more receptive to improvement in workplace mental health and EDI than right now. Seize the moment!

So for all those horses standing by the river pondering whether to drink or not, Excellence Canada will deliver to your email inbox the tools you need to begin.

Trying to implement the entire National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace is like drinking from a fire hose! Our staged methodology for implementation is more like drinking from a garden hose. Stage one is called Workplace Mental Health Essentials. It is based on the widely accepted best practice of performing a baseline assessment to determine where you are at, so you can decide where you are going. You can’t get where you’re going ‘til you know where you’re at!

Most organizations are pleased to discover that all the valuable initiatives they already do for employees satisfy many of the Essentials requirements. They just didn’t have them organized and aligned with corporate strategy and objectives for maximum effectiveness. Nor did they know how to build upon them to get to the next level of organizational well-being.

So let me urge you, “Drink!”

We are at your service to guide you as you complete the online assessment, interpret the results, prepare for improvement, plan next steps, verify and validate your good work, celebrate to the world the progress you are making, and generally be your partner in excellence so it doesn’t have to be a lonely experience.

The comprehensive report and recommendations generated from your responses to the online Workplace Mental Health Essentials assessment is just the support you need for your business case to senior leadership to secure funding and people resources, so that managing the transformation of your workplace isn’t all on you, off the side of your desk. You need and deserve a team and a budget to support you, and we are here to help you get it.

You can also join our Excellence Canada Community on LinkedIn for peer support and insights from subject matter experts.

So next year when I ask you “Are you ready for a drink?” you can say “Cheers, mate!”

About Excellence Canada

Excellence Canada is an independent, not-for-profit corporation that is committed to advancing organizational excellence across Canada. Since 1992, Excellence Canada has helped thousands of organizations become cultures of continuous quality improvement and world-class role models, through its Excellence, Innovation and Wellness® Standard and its four-level progressive methodology.

As a national authority on Quality, Healthy Workplace®, and Mental Health at Work™, Excellence Canada provides excellence frameworks, standards, and independent verification and certification to organizations of all sizes and in all sectors. It is also the custodian and adjudicator of the Canada Awards for Excellence program.

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