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McGill University

2021 Silver Recipient
Healthy Workplace

McGill University a world-renowned institution of higher learning in Montreal, Canada, celebrates its 200-year anniversary in 2021. The McGill community proudly engages bright minds from over 150 countries around the world.

McGill’s commitment to excellence has long been reflected in its quality education, ground-breaking research, and impactful service to society. McGill’s alumni and faculty include 12 Nobel laureates, 147 Rhodes Scholars, 4 Pulitzer Prize winners, and 121 Olympians.

Today, McGill’s pursuit of excellence includes a commitment to co-creating a safe, engaging and productive workplace for ALL employees, where continuous learning and healthy risk taking are the norm. “My Healthy Workplace” is one of the top priorities of Principal Suzanne Fortier, and foundational to McGill becoming an agile learning organization. McGill looks to the future with confidence, cognizant of the boundless strength of a healthy community of engaged and diverse employees.


Montreal, QC

7933 Employees

Therapy dogs making the rounds at McGill’s Employee Health Fair.

“At McGill University, we value the well being, engagement and development of all of our staff who do extraordinary work in support of McGill’s academic mission.  Our vision is for McGill to become an even healthier workplace, where all employees experience a sense of belonging and can readily learn, collaborate and innovate as a community.  As McGill pursues its goal of becoming a more agile learning organization, our ongoing improvement journey is informed by the Excellence Canada Healthy Workplace standards.  This objective and highly reputed framework actively addresses engagement themes that matter most to McGill.”

Suzanne Fortier, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, McGill University

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