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Central Agencies I&IT Cluster, Treasury Board Secretariat

2021 Gold Recipient
Healthy Workplace®

The Central Agencies I&IT Cluster (CAC) is a Division of the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) responsible for providing I&IT leadership to our ministry partners and their associated agencies. Our mandate is to ensure that our clients and business partners have the tools, support, and knowledge in place to optimize the value of I+IT investments in meeting the priorities of the Government of Ontario.

The CAC provides cost-effective support to its clients that enhance government operations and services. CAC closely aligns to the core businesses of our partner ministries and are essential to the efficient delivery of their services.

To successfully achieve our mandate, CAC has committed to creating an inclusive workplace culture that empowers employees, encourages innovation, and provides professional development opportunities. This positive working environment will lead to increased engagement and commitment from staff.

Ontario Public Service

Toronto, ON

65,000 Employees

Healthy Workplace Walks continues in Winter

“I’m proud Central Agencies I&IT Cluster, Treasury Board Secretariat was awarded Gold for the Canada Award for Excellence for Healthy Workplace. Creating a healthy working environment is a top priority for the CAC and our staff has worked tirelessly to accomplish this. It fills me with joy to see their efforts well recognized and validated by such a prestigious organization.”

Liz MacKenzie,

Chief Information Officer, Central Agencies I&IT Cluster, Treasury Board Secretariat

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