Conducting Organizational Assessments

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Category: Process
Credential: Certificate of completion
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Course Description

Organizational Excellence Assessment is a methodology to assess how an organization’s (or department’s) management systems compare against any Excellence Canada Standard. Conducting organizational assessments against an excellence standard is an essential part of measuring progress on your Excellence Journey. Self-assessments should be done every 12-18 months to understand strengths and opportunities so that you can plan your organizational excellence improvement strategy. The assessment methodology taught in this training is the same as the one used by Excellence Canada to verify Canada Awards for Excellence submissions for all our standards at all levels. After you have conducted your self-assessment, your organization will know where you stand against your chosen standard. You will either be ready for a formal Canada Awards for Excellence verification at the level you are ready for, or you will have a list of gaps you need to close first.

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Learning Outcomes

In this course you will learn how to:
  • to engage the leaders of your organization to conduct a self-assessment
  • to select an assessment team
  • conduct a preliminary assessment
  • plan the main self-assessment
  • gather assessment data
  • conduct interviews and focus groups
  • score the assessment
  • create a final report with strengths and opportunities
  • communicate the results

Who Should Attend

  • Any excellence professional who has been asked to measure their organizations approach or progress towards excellence.
  • Any employee looking to implement change in their organization.
  • All employees, managers and excellence professionals responsible for increasing the effectiveness of their work group or organization.
  • Suitable for both the public and private sectors.

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