Welcome to Anti Discrimination Diversity Sensitivity Training

To successfully conduct business in today’s diverse global marketplace, we must be particularly mindful of and sensitive to the people around us. We need awareness of international religious, racial, gender and cultural differences, local diversity and individual sensitivities in order to consistently recognize and respect the values and contributions of every human being.

In this course you will: 

  • Understand and demonstrate tolerance and respect for diversity in the workplace
  • Become self-aware about your perceptions and behaviour toward others
  • Use language that is non-discriminatory
  • Use language that is sensitive and respectful to everyone

Getting Started

  • The online course is for individual use and may only be completed by the person who is the registered owner of the account
  • You have 30 days from the time you enroll in the course to complete your training. 
  • You do not need to complete the training in one sitting. You are welcome to login and out as much as you like throughout your time allotment
  • Allow 37 minutes in total for the completion of the course
  • You must successfully complete the lesson to complete the training and achieve a certificate of completion