Employee Happiness – Maximizing Engagement, Satisfaction and Morale

Course Code: EMP105
Category: People
Credential: Certificate of completion
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Certified Excellence Professional
Certificate in Process Management

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Course Description

Employee Happiness – Maximizing Engagement, Satisfaction, and Morale is a course that teaches employees that employee happiness at work is a function of satisfaction, engagement, and morale. Participants will learn that improved employee happiness brings many benefits, including better retention of talent, higher productivity, increased creativity and innovation, improvements in revenue potential, enhanced customer experiences, and positive customer responses and outcomes. This course will shed light on the basic tenets of employee happiness and provide strategies to make the workplace a happier and more productive place.

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Course Performance

Participants enrolled in this course will have learned the definition of employee happiness and how to identify the differences and similarities between happiness, satisfaction, engagement and morale. Participants will also learn how to apply practical and simple ways to improve employee happiness in most environments by dissecting original research on employee happiness and outlining the tangible benefits of having happy people at work. The course will also focus on current, leading-edge research that discusses the difference between synthesized happiness and natural happiness as well as linking strategic approaches towards excellence with higher levels of employee happiness.

Learning Outcomes

Participants enrolled in this course will learn to:

  • Define employee happiness at work.
  • Outline practical ways to improve kindness and presence at work.
  • Improve employee happiness and morale at work.
  • Provide practical ways to improve employee satisfaction, engagement, and morale.
  • Provide fresh perspectives and input on why it’s important to shine a light on the strengths of each individual organization or workplace.
  • Outline simple strategies to improve happiness depending on the current state situation.
  • Provide ways to improve focus on goals and avoid distractions so that employees can better achieve their full potential at work.
  • Identify the connections between a strategic approach towards excellence and higher levels of employee happiness.

Who Should Attend

  • All employees, managers and professionals looking to improve employee happiness and morale.
  • All employees, managers and excellence professionals responsible for increasing the effectiveness of their workgroup or organization
  • Suitable for employees working in both the private and public sector.

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