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Enterprise Technology Strategy, Government Information
Technology Ontario (GovTechON), Ministry of Public & Business
Service Delivery

2022 Gold Recipient
Organizational Excellence®

Enterprise Technology Strategy (ETS) is a new enterprise division within Government Information Technology Ontario (GovTechON). Established in April 2021, the core team of ETS was formed by the Architecture, Information Management, and Project Management Office (AIP) of the Central Agencies Cluster, Treasury Board Secretariat. The organization continues its growth by attracting additional talented members from across GovTechON.

The mandate of ETS is to provide strategic leadership in the use of information and information technology (I&IT) to modernize Ontario public services and meet the changing needs of Ontarians and the Ontario Public Service (OPS), agencies and the Broader Public Sector. This includes an enterprise technology roadmap to realize the benefits of strategically managed technology, products and services, and coordinate technology investments across ministries. These plans will transform public service delivery, provide user-centred digital solutions and better value for taxpayers’ dollars. ETS also ensures the development and maintenance of OPS I&IT operating policies, technical standards, and guidelines, and alignment and compliance with the developed policies, standards, and guidelines.


Toronto, ON

48 Employees

Happy employees at Enterprise Technology Division

“I am extremely proud of the tremendous work the Enterprise Technology Strategy Division has done in achieving the Canada Awards for Excellence Gold certification in Organizational Excellence. This team works hard every day to modernize government services and meet the changing needs of Ontarians and the Ontario Public Service, agencies and the Broader Public Sector.”

Renu Kulendran, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery

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