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Équipe Logan Entrepreneur Paysagiste

2022 Bronze Recipient
Excellence, Innovation and Wellness®

Équipe Logan Entrepreneur Paysagiste started with an idea 12 years ago that flourished in Patrick Logan’s mind, a contractor from the municipality of Prévost, well known and appreciated by his local community.

Thanks to the competence and expertise of 15 professionals that share the vision of the prévostois contractor Patrick Logan, Équipe Logan Entrepreneur Paysagiste supported through the years more than 5000 customers, positioning the company as a leader of its industry in the Laurentians. Its reputation even established a foothold outside Québec when the company obtained a first contract in Mexico in 2019.

The company is feeling optimistic about the future, intending to continue to give back to its community by doing what it does best: create spectacular landscaping infrastructures that seamlessly integrate with the natural environment.

Integration of the surrounding natural environment with the landscape: an art form that Équipe Logan has mastered.


Prévost, QC

15 Employees

“Équipe Logan Entrepreneur Paysagiste, it’s first and foremost a group of professionals who share the same vision: enhance the populated land by creating unique landscapes that deliver amazing sights. From the early design sketches to the final result, our team steps in to work its magic and produce high quality landscapes aligned with the immediate natural environment. All that with one goal in mind: enhance the functionality of the spaces you entrust with us. Dream, we’ll take care of the rest.”

Patrick Logan, President, Équipe Logan

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