Canada Awards for Excellence

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Gestisoft Inc.

2022 Silver Recipient
Excellence, Innovation and Wellness®


Digital transformation, CRM and ERP are very common terms at Gestisoft. We’re characterized as a company with the wind in its sails while keeping its human side. People enjoy growing with Gestisoft. We place the organizational growth of each of our partners at the center of our initiatives. Through our refined implementation methodologies, we maximize the success of each project.

Technology is a very dynamic universe that is constantly evolving. By offering Microsoft technologies, it’s fair to say that we are always ahead of the curve.

We have more than 25 years of experience to offer our partners and our experts are always ready to take on any challenge!

For the first time, Gestisoft participated in the Charles-Bruneau Foundation’s CIBC Tour to support children and their loved ones in their small battles towards recovery. This cause is particularly important to us because it’s essential for us to have a significant impact towards a cancer-free childhood!


Montreal, QC

75 Employees

Newly employed at Gestisoft, she dethrones the players who practice day and night to be at their best. What a lesson of Ping-Pong it was!

“It is with great pride that Gestisoft is accepting this award from Excellence Canada. It recognizes innovation, excellence and wellness. These three key attributes are deep-rooted in our corporate culture. At Gestisoft, we strongly value flexibility and fun at work. We strive to provide people with a light and enjoyable working environment. We also believe fostering such conditions increase employees’ sense of belonging and creates more value for our clients. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, this award is welcomed with pride and honour by our entire talented and dynamic team. It truly is a beautiful way to celebrate.”

Pier Lemyre, President and Chief Operating Officer, Gestisoft Inc.

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