Introduction to Process Improvement

Course Code: MGMT101
Category: Processes
Credential: Certificate of completion
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Certified Excellence Professional
Certificate in Process Management

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Course Description

Introduction to Process Improvement is a course module that teaches the drivers of process improvement excellence for any organization. Understanding how to systematically move from reaction-based process management (focused on re-work) to prevention-based process management (focused on long-term strategy) is what separates world class organizations from pretenders. This course will arm participants with the best practices involved in process improvement with a focus on: (1) introducing the core process improvement underpinnings for success, and (2) examining specific pathways in achieving excellent results vis-a-vis process improvement.

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Course Performance

Participants enrolled in this course module will have learned the elements associated with the cost of quality; incorporating plans to avoid process improvement re-work and unnecessary process inspection; prevention-based process management techniques; and factual approaches to organizational process decision making. They will also receive an introduction to process management methodologies to improve organizational and process performance.

Learning Outcomes

Participants enrolled in this course will learn to:
  • Define the elements of process improvement.
  • Identify and plan for process improvement in their daily tasks or across the organization.
  • Understand and plan according to prevention-based process management techniques and methodologies.
  • Dissect and analyze all the elements involved in process improvement, including cost of quality.
  • Monitor organizational processes and conduct process assessments.
  • Brainstorm and document process improvement ideas and implementation plans.
  • Harmonize process improvement with process management methodologies.
  • Evaluate process improvement end-results and identify opportunities for change.

Who Should Attend

  • All employees, managers and quality professionals responsible for increasing the effectiveness of their workgroup or organizations processes.
  • Suitable for employees working in both the private and public sector.

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