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Logistik Unicorp Inc.

2023 Silver Recipient
Excellence, Innovation and Wellness®

Founded in 1993 by Louis Bibeau after a career in the Canadian diplomatic corps, company that creates revolutionary, customized uniform programs. From product design to management practices, through secured warehousing and personalized transactional websites, our turnkey solutions tackle the challenges of complex organizations. The founder’s visionary concept, now widely adopted around the world, has made Logistik a world leader in the uniform and personal equipment field. This pursuit of excellence has fueled and continues to fuel the greatest ambitions. Logistik and its international subsidiaries dress more than 600,000 individuals, helping some 300,000 of them perform their functions in Canada, ensuring them of a professional and well-kept appearance, in comfort and in security.

Design department at Logistik.

Uniform Program Management Service


2300+ worldwide

Sewing workshop at Logistik.

“For Logistik, the key to our success has always been to reject the status quo. In terms of business ambitions, we not only believe in achieving our goals, but aspiring to greater heights. There will always be new ways to reinvent ourselves and to propel our companies to new horizons of excellence.”

Louis Bibeau , President and CEO

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