Managing Anxiety (3-Part Series)

Managing Anxiety
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Course Description

Managing Anxiety Series

Everyone experiences feelings of anxiety when faced with overwhelming situations. Anxiety becomes a problem, however, when it interferes with our ability to function in our daily lives or intrudes on our sense of self as a competent person who can cope well enough.

When people encounter anxiety that interferes with their enjoyment of and engagement in daily activities, they often don’t realize what is happening. Some people imagine they are having a heart attack and others feel frozen in a way that causes them to lose perspective and the ability to problem solve.  

While anxiety exists on a continuum, it operates as a warning bell to alert us that something is wrong, and we need to pay attention in order to find resolution. Because anxiety is so uncomfortable, most people just want to rid themselves of it as soon as possible but it is actually a source of wisdom if it can be understood properly without spiralling out of control.

This three-part series provides the tools to deal with anxiety so you can manage it effectively and learn to incorporate its valuable messages to inform and improve your approach to life and work.

In this 3-part series by Dr. Stephanie Bot, you will learn:

·     Part 1: Understanding Anxiety

·     Part 2: Managing My Anxiety

·     Part 3: Helping Others Who Have Anxiety

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  • All employees, managers and professionals looking to improve employee happiness and morale.
  • All employees, managers and excellence professionals responsible for increasing the effectiveness of their workgroup or organization
  • Suitable for employees working in both the private and public sector.

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