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Michael Garron Hospital, Toronto East Health Network

2018 Order of Excellence Recipient
Mental Health at Work

Michael Garron Hospital (MGH), Toronto East Health Network, is a vibrant community teaching hospital serving more than 400,000 people in 22 distinct neighbourhoods. MGH employs 2500 staff, 400 physicians and midwives, 500 volunteers, and many students and residents completing placements.

MGH fosters a culture of patient-centered care anchored by its values of compassion, integrity, courage and accountability. Since becoming the first hospital in Canada to receive the Order of Excellence, Quality and Healthy Workplace in 2010, MGH has committed to role-modeling excellence and leadership in workplace mental health. In 2014, the Mental Health Commission of Canada designated MGH an industry leader for its early adoption of the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace and continued support of mental health in the workplace. In 2015, MGH achieved the Platinum Award of Excellence for Mental Health at Work.


Toronto, ON

2,400 Employees

Members of the  Inter-Professional Practice team participate in the Halloween Staff Appreciation Event.

“Michael Garron Hospital has been committed to promoting and protecting psychological health, safety and wellbeing for more than ten years, in a deliberate and innovative way.

Our organization’s vision is to: Create Health, Build Community – for our patients but just as importantly, for our staff, physicians and volunteers.

The Mental Health at Work Progressive Excellence Program has helped us improve and align our mental health in the workplace program, creating sustainable, appropriate supports for our people.”

Sarah Downey, President and CEO, Michael Garron Hospital

Previous Awards

Mental Health at Work – Platinum, 2015; Silver, 2013; Bronze, 2012

Quality & Healthy Workplace – Order of Excellence, 2014, 2010; Gold, 2008; Silver, 2006

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