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University of Waterloo, Organizational & Human Development

2017 Silver Recipient
Excellence, Innovation and Wellness®

The University of Waterloo is focused on creating higher education unparalleled in depth of learning and breadth of experience. Supporting the University’s value of lifelong learning, Organizational & Human Development (OHD) was formed in 2006 as a non-academic support unit to advance the personal and professional growth of University employees.

Over the past decade, OHD has created several successful programs such as its Core Development series, immersive Leadership Development Framework programs, and the award-winning Principles of Inclusivity series. In 2008, OHD launched the Waterloo Staff Conference, a two-day event featuring world-class keynotes as well as workshops that nurture a robust, vibrant and engaged community. More than 1400 staff attend annually. By integrating Excellence Canada’s EIW Standard into its team’s performance, OHD has confirmed key strengths and identified gaps and areas for improvement.

The Organizational & Human Development staff, organizers of the annual Waterloo Staff Conference, celebrate its 10th anniversary.


Waterloo, ON

8 Employees

“Excellence Canada provided our team the opportunity to view our work through a strategic lens, giving us a framework to have critical discussions about how we do our work, recognize our areas of success, and to highlight areas of opportunity. Further, it provided a wonderful team building experience, giving us a stronger sense of who we are and how we serve our community, with quality and excellence. Achieving the Silver Award took a tremendous amount of work, all of which has been rewarding as it has set us on a path of continued success.”

Katrina Di Gravio, Director, Organizational & Human Development, University of Waterloo

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