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Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care

2022 Certificate of Merit Recipient
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Waypoint is a recognized academic and teaching hospital providing specialty mental health and addiction services for Simcoe County, Muskoka and central Ontario, as well as provincially as the province’s only high secure forensic mental health program.

Waypoint recognizes staff as their most valuable resource and is committed to the health and wellbeing of staff and patients. In 2015, Waypoint started the journey to implement the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace with a dedicated resource leading the initiative. Since then, Waypoint has created a psychological health and safety committee structure, embedded mental health support skills in leadership development, worked with the Waypoint Research Institute to study trauma in the workplace, developed youth resilience programming, studied burnout of staff in partnership with Yale University, and collaborated with Central Region hospitals to lead collective well-being efforts.

Celebrating our annual Core Value Awards that recognize staff who contribute significantly to the greater good or mission of the hospital by exemplifying exceptional values-based behaviours.


Penetanguishene, ON

1200+ Employees

Quality Health Place Award 2014 – Waypoint was proud to be the recipient of the platinum level Quality Healthcare Workplace Award in recognition of our efforts to improve healthcare workplaces in ways that contribute to providers’ quality of work life and quality of the care and services they deliver.

“At Waypoint, we are always seeking new and innovative ways to engage with our staff and hear their voices. We strive to create an environment that maximizes the health and wellbeing of everyone at the hospital and ultimately leads to quality patient outcomes. We are very proud to receive a Canada Award for Excellence, it means we’re on the right track in caring for our people who serve our communities.”

Dr. Nadiya Sunderji, President and CEO, Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care

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