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York Region Community and Health Services, Health Protection Division

2017 SIlver Recipient
Excellence, Innovation and Wellness®

In support of York Region Public Health’s commitment to continuous quality improvement (CQI), the Health Protection Division began baseline auditing in its food safety program in 2006, then embedded CQI into all of its eight distinct program areas, executing process improvement projects and Lean Six Sigma tools.

The division’s key strengths have been its fact-based decision making, fluid real-time information on health inspections, customer relationship management system, implementation of health equity projects, commitment to corporate social responsibility, introduction of a food handler certification bylaw, staff orientation, as well as formal and informal mentoring, training and education. Employees have been integral to the journey, as they work to provide cost-effective quality services to rapidly growing communities. This includes innovative health protection and promotional strategies, including education, inspection, enforcement and advocacy.

Divisional Day Celebration Cake

Public Health

Newmarket, ON

105 Full-time Employees

Joe La Marca receiving award

“Excellence Canada has helped us navigate our way forward by assessing our strengths and identifying improvement areas. Our Journey has created a renewed spirit of collaboration and engagement with our entire staff. This commitment by our Division to a culture of excellence will ensure the highest quality of service to our communities.”

Joe La Marca, Director, Health Protection, York Region Community and Health Services

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