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York Region Community and Health Services, Healthy Living Division

2017 Silver Recipient
Excellence, Innovation and Wellness®

York Region Public Health focuses on the support and well-being of the diverse and rapidly growing population of the Regional Municipality of York through health promotion, health protection and the prevention of illness. The Healthy Living Division comprises 18 distinct public health programs and more than 120 employees.

Since 2007, the division has been building a culture of continuous quality improvement, with formal processes added in 2010 to support evidence-informed planning, assessment and evaluation. In 2016, a benchmark assessment identified strengths, gaps and opportunities for improvement. The journey has embraced fact-based decision-making, corporate social responsibility, integration of key priorities, supports for staff, formal mentoring and training, and communication policies, plans and processes. In 2017, the division showed positive results in meeting and exceeding strategic goals and in moving from reactive to proactive approaches and practices.

Receiving Silver Award at Healthy Living Division All-Staff Meeting

Public Health

Newmarket, ON

128 Full-time Employees

Innovation Cafe at Healthy Living Division All-Staff Meeting

“Achieving silver level accreditation with Excellence Canada is a validation of the work of the Healthy Living Division and honours the commitment of our staff and management team to provide quality programs and services to promote and protect the health of York Region residents.  We value our continuing accreditation journey and it has provided an opportunity for our staff and managers to demonstrate their leadership skills while working in collaboration with our internal and external partners.”

Cathy Jaynes, Director, Healthy Living Division, York Region Community and Health Services

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