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York Region Public Health

2019 Gold Recipient
Excellence, Innovation and Wellness®

York Region is one of Canada’s fastest growing municipalities with approximately 1.2 million residents. York Region Public Health (YRPH) is comprised of 450+ staff across four divisions: Child and Family Health, Healthy Living, Health Protection, and Infectious Diseases Control. They support and promote health and wellness across the lifespan, reducing the burden of illness of residents.

After independently achieving Silver Level Accreditation against Excellence Canada’s Excellence, Innovation and Wellness® Standard, the divisions committed to working together for Gold Level certification. A Steering Committee conducted gap assessments and began the comprehensive work of coordinating sub-groups, strategizing communications planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating numerous tactics and activities. YRPH is the first Ontario public health unit to receive Gold certification. They ensure staff engagement and measurable improvements towards achieving and maintaining excellence, innovation and wellness throughout the delivery of mandated public health work.

Health Care

Newmarket, ON

614 Employees

Planning a process improvement project with Child and Family Health.

“This is an unprecedented achievement and is the culmination of a journey that started years ago. Through hard work and a unified vision for excellence, each division separately achieved Silver accreditation. That work became the basis for a foundation of ongoing excellence – a foundation that led to our Branch coming together for today’s tremendous accomplishment.”

Dr. Karim Kurji, Medical Officer of Health, York Public Health Region

Previous Awards

Excellence, Innovation and Wellness® – Silver, 2017

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