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Air Canada

2022 Silver Recipient
Mental Health at Work®

A top-tier airline with a clear goal to “Rise Higher” and elevate everything about their business and its employees. Their priority to Lift Each Other Up, aims to ensure they rise higher by caring for each other while playing an impactful role in society, rooted in a collaborative and inclusive culture.

Air Canada has been progressing steadily towards providing enhanced mental health awareness, tools and resources to support their employees since the reception of the Bronze level certification in 2019. Air Canada is committed to fostering a psychologically healthy workplace that provides a respectful and productive environment and makes every reasonable effort to promote and protect the mental health of employees. Their overarching goal is to create a culture of mental health awareness through education, engagement, and accountability.

UBY orientation on the road. Air Canada’s mental health managers Sobora and Gladys went on a nationwide tour where employees learned about mental health programs, trainings offered and other wellness initiatives. Each session ended with a “safe space” minute, where employees opened up about their concerns and provided feedback in a safe, non-judgemental environment.


Montreal, QC

35,000 Employees

Airport pulse check: Air Canada’s mental health managers regularly visit different airports to check up on the employees’ mental health and current state of mind. They are being heard, and we use their feedback to help us build a robust mental health program.

“Supporting mental health initiatives is part of our commitment to safety first, always. The aviation industry has faced serious challenges throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and is still working through a complex recovery process. Encouraging our team to have open, honest discussions about mental health and making appropriate resources available to our employees is helping us take care of each other in the workplace.”

Michael Rousseau, President and CEO, Air Canada

Previous Awards

Mental Health at Work® – Bronze, 2019

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