Building Strategic Relationships with Partners and Suppliers

Course Code: STR210
Category: Processes
Credential: Certificate of completion
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Certified Excellence Professional
Certificate in Process Management

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Course Description

Building Strategic Relationships with Partners and Suppliers is a course that teaches participants how to work with partners and suppliers and collaborate towards excellence. The course will focus on the fundamentals of stakeholder relationships and show participants that the term ‘stakeholder’ refers to a person, group or organization that has a direct or indirect stake in an organization because they affect or can be affected by the organization’s actions, objectives and policies. Participants will be taught that working relationships can include: (1) Suppliers, (2) Partnerships (both financial and non-financial) and (3) Joint Ventures/Projects.

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Course Performance

Participants enrolled in this course will explore how to identify key partners and suppliers; understand and outline methods to help with strategic selection of partners and suppliers; examine and provide examples of partnership plans and strategies to improve vendor and partner relationships: (1) the involvement of partners and suppliers in organizational improvement, (2) the involvement of partners and suppliers in planning, (3) methods to monitor and measure effectiveness of supplier/partner relationships, and (4) linkages in partner and supplier approaches with an overall excellence standard strategy for the organization.

Learning Outcomes

Participants enrolled in this course will learn to:

  • Utilize best practices and principles associated with partner and supplier vendor selection.
  • Improve their understanding of the Supplier Partner Focus Driver of the Excellence Canada standards.
  • Diagnose clarities around supplier and partner identification.
  • Brain-storm on how to better implement feedback from stakeholders into process improvements
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the suppler/partner relationship.
  • Recognize and utilize methodologies for partner and supplier involvement and input throughout organizational processes.

Who Should Attend

  • All employees, managers and professionals who are responsible for building strategic relationships with partners and suppliers.
  • Suitable for both the public and private sectors

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