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Carleton University
Finance and Administration Division

2017 Gold Recipient
Excellence, Innovation and Wellness

Carleton’s Finance and Administration Division, comprised of nine diverse departments with 400 professional services staff, focuses on continuous improvement through people. Core values include innovation, service excellence, continuous improvement, inclusive decision-making, employee engagement, accountability, and providing a safe, healthy and sustainable environment.

All departments are now using process management and regularly seek feedback from their customers so they can continuously improve. Innovative tools are used to garner ideas for improvements from across the university. A key strength is the division’s Organizational Excellence Scorecard, which is embedded in planning processes, includes key performance indicators and is widely communicated and understood. The one-of-a-kind Carleton Leader initiative is an innovative approach to growing people and clearly demonstrates Carleton’s commitment to building leadership capacity across the organization and at all levels.


Ottawa, ON

380 Employees

Michel’s Den is a key part of the annual Quality Showcase at Carleton University. Modelled after the CBC TV show, Dragon’s Den, faculty and staff are invited to submit ideas to the Den and the “dragons” evaluate how to make the idea a reality.

“Excellence, Innovation and Wellness is not just a program. Over the years, it has become part of our culture within the Finance and Administration division. It is not something we simply did,  achieved and then moved on. The criteria within Excellence, Innovation and Wellness Gold Level certification are linked to our strategic goals and have guided us, and will continue to guide us, through our continuous improvement journey. We are proud to be the first university to reach this level of certification.”

Michel Piché, Vice President, Finance and Administration, Carleton University

Previous Awards

Excellence, Innovation and Wellness® – Silver, 2015

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