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Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

2018 Platinum Recipient
Healthy Workplace

Thanks to the dedication of over 3,200 staff, 400 physicians and 1,250 volunteers, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) provided world-class clinical care to more than 35,500 patients last year. The organization conducts ground-breaking research, provides expert training to health care professionals and scientists, and develops innovative health promotion and prevention strategies.

As part of its transformation into a performance- and evidence-based organization, CAMH developed a Balanced Scorecard to track performance across key metrics. A Safe & Well CAMH initiative describes the organization’s commitment to staff and patient safety, including physical and psychological health and wellness. Safe & Well CAMH uses a ‘Prevent, Respond, and Improve’ approach to ensure continuous improvement. CAMH discusses and learns from errors, and uses data and evidence to make decisions. Regular Team Huddles have improved team communication, collaboration and empowerment.


Toronto, ON

3,233 Employees

CAMH President and CEO Dr. Catherine Zahn (left) congratulates the 2017 Ambassador Awards winners on Safe & Well CAMH Day.

“CAMH is thrilled to receive this designation from Excellence Canada in recognition of our efforts to create a workplace that promotes both safety and wellness. As a high-performing organization dedicated to continuous quality improvement, CAMH is creating a world-class destination to learn and teach and a therapeutic environment for our patients to heal and recover.”

Dr. Catherine Zahn, President & CEO, CAMH

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