Canada Awards for Excellence

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IT Source Branch, Central Agencies I&IT Cluster, Treasury Board Secretariat

2018 Gold Recipient
Excellence, Innovation and Wellness

IT Source provides people, tools and technology that drive innovation and excellence across the Province of Ontario. With 250 employees dispersed throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Oshawa, the branch supplies a pool of appropriately skilled professionals to work on business and I&IT projects,

IT Source’s journey to excellence began in 2012 with Excellence Canada PEP® Level 1 accreditation, followed by PEP® Level 2 accreditation in 2013; this provided a blueprint to enhance and transform the business and work towards continuous improvement. Today, a three-year strategic roadmap focuses on service modernization, partnerships and workplace culture. Clients and business partners are engaged and informed, and their input is incorporated into continuous improvement activities. Employees feel valued, supported and inspired to give their best. Flexible work programs support work-life balance and learning opportunities are flexible, adaptive and connected to employee career growth. 

Public Service

Toronto, ON

265 Employees

IT Source’s workplace culture is noticeable during lunch when employees sit and eat together.

“The process of working with Excellence Canada was a rewarding and innovative experience. Thanks to the dedication of our staff, and the guidance of the Excellence Canada verification team, IT Source was able to successfully achieve Gold-level certification. This achievement allows us to be recognized as a leader in Excellence, Innovation, and Wellness.”

Christopher West, Head of IT Source, CAC, Treasury Board Secretariat

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