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Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences

2021 Order of Excellence Recipient
Mental Health at Work®

Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) is a public speciality mental health hospital, providing a range of specialized assessment and treatment services to those living with complex and serious mental illness. Exemplary patient care is delivered through safe and evidence-based approaches where successful outcomes are achieved using best clinical practices based on the latest advances and the latest advances in scientific research, patient care and treatment.

Ontario Shores’ more than 1,300 staff, and its 150 volunteers, are dedicated to providing excellent patient and family-centred care in a safe, respectful, healing and positive environment.

Ontario Shores is deeply committed to providing a safe and healthy place to work and receive care. Ontario Shores is proud of the robust offerings available to support total health and wellbeing of its dedicated and talented staff.

Health Care

Whitby, Ontario

1330 Employees


“We are absolutely thrilled to be recognized with the Order of Excellence for our implementation of the Mental Health at Work Framework. I am incredibly proud of our staff, the wellbeing programs we have implemented and the workplace culture we have collectively created so that Ontario Shores is both a great place to work and receive care.”

Mr. Karim Mamdani, President and CEO, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences

Previous Awards

Mental Health at Work®Platinum, 2019; Gold, 2017

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