Pathways to Certification and Continual Improvement

Each organization has a unique journey toward achieving excellence. That’s why our pathways to certification provides organizations with two distinct approaches to achieve focus, and assist them in reaching their certification goals in a timely manner. Choose the path that suits you best.

Are you interested in creating a culture of continual improvement in your organization and be certified as you progress?

Progressive Path to Certification

Typically takes 12-18 months

The Progressive Path to certification is the implementation “roadmap” for Excellence Canada standards, consisting of four levels of certification including national recognition.  It is designed for organizations that wish to establish a culture of continual improvement, build improvement plans, and measure how they are doing at at each step of the way.

Achieve consistency of direction to drive results
Identify strengths and opportunities for improvement
Score and rate your organization against the standard
Involve employees and gain consensus on what needs to be done
Integrate various improvement initiatives
Improve communication within your organization
Stimulate the sharing of ideas for continual improvement and innovative solutions
Organizations that select the Progressive Path use the appropriate certification package to apply or can engage the help of an Excellence Canada Certified Coach to guide and assist them.
Are you looking to streamline the process to certification and benchmark yourself against the best?

Excellerate® Path to Certification

Typically takes 2-3 months depending on readiness

The Excellerate® Path to certification is designed for organizations that wish to simplify their process toward certification through a Benchmark Assessment, a facilitated service, led by an Excellence Canada Certified Coach. This service streamlines the Progressive path to certification at each of the four levels.

Consolidate the certification process into an onsite visit, saving you time and resources
Eliminates the need to produce a comprehensive submission for certification
Work closely with a Certified Lead Coach who will facilitate assessment and provide expert guidance and knowledge
Identify the vital few strengths and opportunities

Benchmark your organization’s score against other certified organizations and recipients of the Canada Awards for Excellence

Receive a comprehensive report of your strengths, opportunities and recommended next steps
Organizations that select the Excellerate® Path engage and receive guidance from a Certified Lead Coach who will conduct the Benchmark Assessment against the standard of their choice.
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