Benchmark Assessment

Benchmark Assessment streamlines the certification process with the help of a Certified Lead Coach.

Benchmarking is an integral part of continuous improvement. The Excellence Canada Benchmark Assessment is a facilitated service led by a Certified Lead Coach. It is the solution for organizations looking to fast track and streamline the certification process, and benchmark against other certified organizations and Canada Awards for Excellence recipients. It will also determine if you are eligible for national recognition.

Why Conduct a Benchmark Assessment?

For performance measures to be meaningful and provide useful information, it is necessary to make comparisons. This comparison will allow your organization to evaluate progress in achieving set goals or targets, assess trends in performance over time, and see how you measure up in comparison to other certified and award-winning organizations.


  • Identify and prioritize improvement opportunities
  • Benchmark your organization against other certified organizations and Canada Awards for Excellence recipients
  • Gain national recognition at the Canada Awards for Excellence ceremonies



Using our professional expertise, we work closely with you to understand your organization and help you by:


Assessing your organization’s current state


Collecting data for analysis and review


Identifying your organization’s key strengths and opportunities for improvement


Prioritizing improvement opportunities


Setting performance improvement targets to monitoring and compare your organization’s performance over time


Confirming your organization’s eligibility for certification and national award recognition

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Our Approach

A Benchmark Assessment is a solution for organizations looking to streamline the process towards certification and benchmark themselves against other certified organizations and Canada Awards for Excellence recipients.

We will start by immersing ourselves in your organization to understand where you are at and where you want to go, and then use the information to plan for your organization’s benchmark assessment.

Then we will conduct an on-site assessment to identify your organization’s key strengths and opportunities for improvement, against the requirements of the standard.

We will review and analyze data from all sources and compile the findings collected through the assessment process. You will receive a comprehensive report of our findings. Use the report to inform your planning and determine the best path forward.

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