Excellence Essentials for Managers – Mar 2, 2020


Program Code: EXM-04

Course Details:
March 2, 2020


Excellence Essentials for Managers is a series of four online workshops that will introduce you to the principles of Excellence and drivers of Canada’s integrated quality management framework—Excellence, Innovation and Wellness®. The modules led by Dr. Adam Stoehr, Excellence Canada’s world-class trainer, provides participants with his unique perspective to excellence in the workplace that is complemented by his experience working with Canada’s most successful organizations and recipients of the Canada Awards for Excellence.

Wherever you are in your career and wherever you might be headed, our Executive Certificate Program can help you advance your career, strengthen your management skills and set you up for continued success.


Businesses spend many months and great resources developing strategic plans for the next 3 to 10 years, not just an operating plan for the current year. How can you do the same for yourself and for your family?

What you need is a strategic plan for your life! A LifePlanTM
This interactive workshop that will show you step-by-step how to create a meaningful, holistic LifePlanTM by analyzing all aspects of your life and creating an action plan for the 10 most important “F-Words” of your life (and none of them are four-letter words!)