Baseline Review


Before your organization begins its journey towards excellence with the implementation of a standard, and moving forward with certification, it is important to establish consensus among your senior management team. To help build consensus and show you where you are and what you need to work on, ‘taking the pulse’ of your organization is a good starting point.



Taking the Pulse (baseline review), a one-day mini assessment facilitated by an Excellence Canada Certified Lead Assessor, involves a group of 6-10 members of your team (typically senior and mid management). Working collaboratively, Taking the Pulse is designed to:

  • Help achieve consistency of direction and build consensus on what needs to be done to enact change.
  • Provide a baseline review of where the organization sits against a specific standard—the first step towards planning for implementation and moving forward with certification.
  • Identify your organization’s key strengths and opportunities for improvement (gaps).
  • Identify your organization’s next steps and pathway forward.


  • An online survey, completed by your employees (or subset of employees) prior to the on-site visit.
    An on-site facilitated preliminary assessment to identify your organization’s key strengths and opportunities.


  • Action plan and recommended path forward for your organization.
    The ability to identify organizational readiness to apply for certification and national award recognition through the Canada Awards for Excellence.