Master Certificate Program in the Management of Workplace Mental Health and Psychological Safety


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This 10-part Master Certificate Program is developed by leading psychologists and mental health professionals so you know you are receiving the most up to date and clinically sound information on the market today. The interactive modules explain the many aspects related to workplace mental health,and clinicians provide clear guidance on how to optimally address these delicate and complex issues within a work setting. Testing and Certification ensures knowledge transfer.



Curriculum Overview:

  1. An Introduction to Mental Health and Psychological Safety at Work
  2. Assess Risks and Vulnerabilities to Mental Health
  3. Understanding Mental Health Issues in the Workplace
  4. Supporting Employee Mental Health: A Program for Managers
  5. Identifying and Managing Addictions in the Workplace
  6. Principles of Prevention: A New Model to Promote Psychological Safety
  7. Managing Change: Principles and Best Practices
  8. Management of Trauma and Critical Incidents in the Workplace
  9. Best Practices for Stress Management and Mindfulness in the Workplace
  10. Action Plan for Implementing Mental Health and Psychological Safety in Your Workplace