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Business and Service Management Branch, Central Agencies I&IT Cluster, Treasury Board Secretariat

2017 Platinum Recipient
Excellence, Innovation and Wellness®

The Business and Service Management Branch (BSMB) is responsible for enabling partner and Cluster business agendas through strategic, proactive leadership in the use of information technology.

BSMB is committed to organizational excellence through continuous service improvement in all processes and methodologies, while supporting a healthy workplace. The branch’s internal processes are well-documented which allows for easy assessment, benchmarking and enhancement, while enabling a consistent and systematic approach for continuous improvement. This has been essential for the effective management of risks related to the continuity of business and promotion of emerging technologies across the Ontario Public Service. A survey of employee training needs led to the development of a custom training program, while BSMB’s flexible work programs – such as telework, compressed work week and alternate work locations – support a better work-life balance for employees..

Provincial Government

Province of Ontario

64 Employees

The entire Business and Service Management Branch staff responsible for providing excellence services to their customers, partners and suppliers.

“The Business and Service Management Branch is a leader in the areas of continuous quality improvement, healthy workplace and innovation.  Demonstrating to our partners such cutting edge products such as cognitive computing and risk management while ensuring Cluster operations through effective emergency management processes, the staff go above and beyond in all aspects of their roles. Congratulations on a well-deserved and hard-earned Platinum certification! “

Ron Huxter, Chief Information Officer, Central Agencies I&IT Cluster, Treasury Board Secretariat

Previous Awards

Excellence, Innovation and Wellness® – Gold, 2015

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