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University of Waterloo, Library

2017 Silver Recipient
Excellence, Innovation and Wellness®

As the academic engine of one of the world’s top startup ecosystems, and with world-class research institutes, University of Waterloo is committed to utilizing new knowledge and ideas for the benefit of all. The Library is one of the University’s busiest physical and virtual hubs, contributing to student success and the achievement of the University’s goals through teaching, learning, research and service.

To advance excellence, staff members from all library departments were involved in a process of investigation, analysis, recommendations, communications and improvements. Changes included: defining and publishing service standards, clarifying and consolidating human resources materials, revising and documenting onboarding processes, and offering numerous training opportunities on process mapping, project management and facilitation. Additional opportunities for growth and improvement identified during certification efforts are being rolled into the Library’s multi-year planning and priorities process.

The theme of health and wellness is threaded throughout our customer service and staff engagement initiatives. Each term our Student Engagement Committee provides stress relief activities to students, such as colouring, during exams, while a Health, Safety and Wellness Committee promotes healthy spaces and behaviours amongst staff.


Waterloo, ON

111 (+15 contract) Employees

The Library tackled the Silver certification work by focusing sub-teams on each individual driver, identifying opportunities, and focusing staff efforts on achievable areas that would have the greatest impact on library operations.

“Silver certification is the crowning achievement of 48 library staff working together to move us forward in the most efficient and effective way possible.  Excellence Canada’s approach to assessing an organization motivated us to focus our time and efforts on the areas where we needed the most work, while still acknowledging and celebrating our strengths.  This shift in mindset is already showing lasting value as it continues to percolate throughout the Library.”

Sharon Lamont, Director of Organizational Services, Library, University of Waterloo

Previous Awards

Excellence, Innovation and Wellness® – Silver, 2014

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