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York Region Public Health – Infectious Diseases Control Division

2018 Silver Recipient
Excellence, Innovation and Wellness

YRPH’s Infectious Diseases Control Division works with residents, health care professionals and the community to reduce the burden of infectious disease and promote the health and well-being for people who live, work, play and go to school in York Region.

Continuous improvement, excellent services and innovation are considered priorities in the division’s five-year strategic plan and daily operations. A dedicated continuous quality improvement (CQI) specialist helps program areas develop improvements and efficiencies, while a “CQI Champions” group supports innovation. Improvements, big and small, are recognized and encouraged. Policies, procedures and process maps have been developed for nearly all aspects of the division’s work. Staff updated the division’s vision and mission, created a customer promise statement and participated in a satisfaction survey. There are flexible work arrangements, a compressed work week, fitness centre discounts, workplace accommodations and numerous mental health initiatives.

Teams from York Region Public Health’s Infectious Diseases Control Division taking part in Customer Journey Mapping exercise to better understand our customer’s experiences before, during and after accessing our programs and services.


Newmarket, ON

141 Employees

Teams from York Region Public Health’s Infectious Diseases Control Division celebrating our hard work, accomplishments and efforts towards Silver Accreditation.

“Achieving Silver Level accreditation with Excellence Canada validates the Infectious Diseases Control Division’s ongoing commitment to continuous improvement. The award recognizes and honours this unwavering dedication from our staff and management teams in the delivery of quality programs and services that reduce the burden of infectious diseases among residents. Our journey to silver brought everyone together for a common goal – leveraging the commitment, collaboration and teamwork we pride ourselves on each and every day.”

Marjolyn Pritchard, Director, Infectious Diseases Control Division, York Region Public Health

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