This page is dedicated to Excellence Canada’s response to COVID-19.
Please visit this page for news and updates as this situation evolves.

Additional information about Covid-19 can be found at Health Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and Toronto Public Health.

A Letter from our President & CEO

Dear Friend of Excellence,

First and foremost, we hope this message finds you and your family safe and healthy.

It’s been a tough year. As communities around the world are struggling with Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are continuing to closely monitor the situation to make sure we are taking all necessary precautions to protect our customers and employees alike.

It’s more important than ever to stay connected and on top of things that matter. Over the past few months, we’ve shared what Excellence Canada is doing to help organizations, partners, and clients get through in these challenging times. Here, I want to share how we are continuing to adapt and support you in the time of COVID-19.

To support our clients through these difficult times, Excellence Canada has introduced the following new initiatives:

In addition, Excellence Canada’s other educational and coaching services are safely and successfully being performed through virtual media:

  • Virtual Live Group or Team Training and Workshops
  • Virtual Live Public Training Courses
  • Virtual Coaching and Consulting
  • Virtual Award Verification and Certification
  • Virtual Assessment and Gap Analysis

If you have any questions at this time, please email or call your Excellence Canada contact, or contact me directly.

Thank you most sincerely for your past and continued support.

Stay healthy and safe,

Allan N. Ebedes
President & CEO
Excellence Canada