Now, as our organizations are still reeling from a cruel body blow and are hunkered down in a protective position, we have already begun thinking about ramping operations back up in a changed world. But our runway for takeoff may be cluttered with some obsolete policies, practices, and procedures. New vision is needed: Vision 2020!

If ever there was a global proclamation of the need for Prevention over Correction, it is the unacceptable level of human tragedy and economic cost attributable to this COVID-19 Pandemic.

Some global leaders have ignored warnings, intelligence reports, whistle blowers, scientific forecasts, pleas to prepare, and in the eleventh hour, even common-sense safeguards against spreading this deadly disease. In other words, ignoring opportunities for prevention.

Then, faced with the prospect of death, chaos, anarchy, social uprising, and political loss, world leaders imposed massive and necessary restrictions on their populations with a historic price tag. In other words, dealing with the threat through correction.

Every organization can choose Prevention over Correction, every day, in every aspect of its operations. Yet many leaders do not make the investment in Prevention, even though studies have shown immediate, permanent, and sizable paybacks for those that do so. In other words, practicing prevention is a winning choice!

Why is it so uncommon?

Many leadership teams don’t use an Excellence Framework to examine their organizations through a holistic lens, i.e.:

  • to proactively uncover opportunities for improvement
  • to engage and solicit feedback from their employees
  • to create a workplace culture that embraces creative problem solving, innovation, and positive change

In other words, they don’t do the hard and often uncomfortable work of introspection, self-criticism, and leading change.

Prevention begins with process analysis and improvement, mapping the current state, taking a deep dive into root causes of problems, determining the desired state of processes, and implementing change.

We have all had the comfortable rug of Status Quo ripped out from under us! Today’s reality is an unprecedented opportunity for organizational transformation. Inspired leadership will take your organization out of this crisis, earning the trust, respect, and buy-in of your people along the way. Replace stress and fear with hope and commitment by involving your employees, through clear and consistent communications, compassion, and earnest requests for their help to develop action plans.

The physical and mental health and safety of employees should take priority above all other concerns as your organization comes out of isolation. In the coming months and years, trauma and stress will be higher than usual among staff, particularly managers. Make sure managers have the right tools, training, and resources at their fingertips to serve the needs of their teams. Make sure all your people are fully aware of the resources you have made available for their physical and mental health and safety.

Excellence made possible.

Excellence Canada has been helping organizations assess and improve themselves, across all sectors and industries, for almost 30 years. We bring you together with globally benchmarked standards, trainers, coaches, tools, and certification methodologies to empower your success in the most effective and cost-efficient way.

Take advantage of one or all of the following:

  1. Complimentary consultation– request a 60-minute phone call to discuss your unique needs with an expert coach who will answer your questions and provide you with a copy of our Excellence, Innovation and Wellness Standard at no charge.
  2. Turbocharge your Organization’s Take-Off immediately with an Expert-Led Baseline Review – discounted $3,000 until August 15th. Invest $6,995 right now and enjoy the ongoing returns that always result from improvements. Use Discount Code “Takeoff30” to save 30%.The Baseline Review is a one-day assessment and recommendations report, facilitated by an Excellence Canada Certified Lead Assessor, involving a group of 4-10 members of your team, typically senior and mid-management level. Working collaboratively, Baseline Review is designed to:
    • Help achieve consistency of direction
    • Build consensus on what needs to be done to enact change
    • Provide a scorecard of how your organization measures against a specific standard
    • Develop planning for implementation and moving forward with improvement
    • Identify your organization’s key strengths and opportunities for improvement (gaps).
  3. Excellence Canada also has training certificate programs suited for your needs, that build internal expertise in process management, implementing continual improvement systems, and engaging managers in change management.
  4. Special discounts for Group Training:  Save up to 50% when registering 10 or more people
    Group training for your whole team translates new skills and tools into real-world solutions. Prepare for the future by registering now. Contact [email protected] for a quote for 10 people or more,  or call 1-800-263-9648 ext. 236.

Vision 2020:  We are ready when you are.

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