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The Forest, the Trees, and the Roots of Process Mapping

Whether you’re just starting out with process mapping or you’re looking to refresh your skills, this e-book is an invaluable resource. The Forest, The Trees, and the Roots of Process Mapping is divided into three parts that correspond to the metaphor of the title – the forest (what is being done), the trees (who does what work), and the roots (how work gets done). By understanding each level, organizations can identify and address inefficiencies to improve overall performance.

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Certificate in Process Management

This program gives you the skills you need to manage processes effectively by aligning your processes to your organization’s strategic goals, designing and implementing process architectures, and establishing process measurement systems.

Introduction to Process Improvement

Introduction to Process Improvement is a course module that teaches the drivers of process improvement excellence for any organization. Understanding how to systematically move from reaction-based process management (focused on re-work) to prevention-based process management (focused on long-term strategy) is what separates world class organizations from pretenders.

Current State Process Mapping

Current State Process Mapping is a course that teaches employees how to map current state proceeses, so they can paint a picture of the ‘as-is’ with a goal to make the process more efficient and better for everyone involved.

Desired and Future State Process Mapping

Desired and Future State Process Mapping is a course that teaches employees how to visually describe and map workflows using proper symbols and arrows. In mapping the ‘desired state,’ employees will be able to describe and communicate processes in a concise and visually appealing way, thereby creating value-add across the organization.

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